The Bible Fresh Daily translation is a new translation of the New Testament from the original Greek. The documents making up the New Testament were all written in Greek, and we have many thousands of ancient manuscripts, full or fragmentary, which have been preserved. The present translation has been prepared on the basis of the manuscripts regarded as the most reliable.

Bible translators often regard “accuracy” as being the most important value in translation. However, the most “accurate” translation in many cases requires the use of English words which are not in common usage, and often results in sentences which seem stilted or unnatural. We encourage you to purchase an “interlinear” Bible (one showing the original Greek text, with an English translation of each word underneath it) to discover for yourself the full intent and context of the original Greek.

Other Bible translators regard “simplicity” as the most important value in translation. Accordingly, they confine themselves to the use of a limited English language vocabulary, such as the vocabulary possessed by a notional 12-year-old English-speaking child. This results in a translation which is understandable to a wide range of people, including many people for whom English is not their first language, but it results in a text which may seem childish to a more educated person.

The Bible Fresh Daily translation has chosen “understandability” as its most important value. Our aim has been to render each phrase in language which is in common use amongst adults of average education in Melbourne, Australia, in 2007.